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Embrace Sportz

Embrace Sportz is our client, a company that works to promote sports and provide users with an opportunity to participate in various sports events, which is why it was crucial for them to improve the overall experience of interacting with their website and mobile applications, for which they turned to us. They had made up their mind towards having a portal that would clearly define their passion towards sports, so as the array services they offer.

To achieve the goal, we built a website with WordPress and utilized the Elementor plugin that allowed us to create a professional website. Without Elementor, it could not have been possible to have the desired look and also the proper navigation the users need. It was a pleasure working with you and I believe that creating the seamless, easy-to-navigate website giving potential and existing clients an overview of Embrace Sportz and immediately leading them to the desired action was a successful collaboration!

Lyon Restoration

Lyon Restoration, a leading provider of restoration services, involved us in creating a modern, responsive and informative website for them to showcase their expertise and attract new clients. They needed a friendly platform which was stressing the quality and professionalism of their team by virtue of their empty words.

Working with Lyon Restoration, we designed and created a website with dynamic content using WordPress and Elementor that would be able to adapt to the changing needs of our customers. We were dedicated to crafting a website that would be both visually appealing and practical, emphasizing their restoration services, as well as displaying their portfolio of successful repair work.

Jml adjusting

JML Adjusting, with an expertise of over forty years in the items and claims adjustment sector, approached us for help to improve the company’s online presence. Since they were a small business that needed to compete with much larger and established companies in the claims adjustment business the website had to display their expertise and highlight their specialization in rubber-related products.

JML Adjusting was the firm we collaborated closely with in a bid to develop a customized website webpage suited to their specific industry area. Utilizing WordPress and Elementor, the website was developed in user-oriented fashion with emphasis on the fact that JML’s experience and dedication in handling the claims make a significant difference.

Excel Rubber

We are working with Excel Rubber to redesign their website and optimize their product showcasing process. They required a modern, user-friendly website that clearly showcased the wide range of rubber products as well as the brand’s competence and dedication to perfection.

Through the newly developed website, Excel Rubber was able to successfully present its variety of rubber products to a world-wide audience within the rubber manufacturing and distributing business. The enhanced online presence has led to increased customer base, inquiries and business prospects for Excel Rubber.


John Middlestead

John Middlestead, one of the best photographers in the area, approached us to improve his online presence and display his brilliant works to the global audience.

Knowing John’s specific needs and the vital role visual storytelling plays in his work, we constructed a site that was specifically made for photography at his level. With WordPress and Elementor, we have developed a place which shows John’s portfolio in depth and still ensures that the interaction stays interesting for the user.


Pontiac Kappas

The Fraternity Chapter of the Kappa Alpha Psi, a respectable fraternity known as Pontiac Kappas, located in Pontiac, Michigan, was desirous of owning a unique online presence that stands for its illustrious past, values, and community services. Through their dedicated work, they also fight for financial support and train young actors at the same time, amidst these years of significant historical events such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the busing issue in Pontiac.

Learning through the lesson of how heritage is important and the community impact, we partnered with Pontiac Kappas in designing and developing a custom website that pays tribute to their history and brings in the value of inclusivity and engagement. Using the combination of WordPress and Elementor, we designed a website high on visual appeal and user-friendly that through the visual material presents the chapter story and aspiration.


Avalon Commodities

We worked very closely with Avalon Commodities to create and build a WordPress website which is able to demonstrate the features and services they provide in the best possible way. We included interactive graphics, simplified navigational process, and website compatibility with multiple devices in our plan in order to give spectators a nice web navigation no matter what device they used.

CTA Associates

When CTA Associates, one of the leading organizations providing financial services, reached us, they were looking for the most effective option to improve their web presence and client outreach with the help of some proper digital solution as the client. CTA Associates, a professional accounting firm offering estate planning, new business formation, IRS audit representation, and financial software training, required a website to properly communicate these services to their clients.

Our team of CTA Associates worked together to create a flexible website based on the client’s knowledge and requirements in their particular area. Through WordPress and Elementor, we have built a professional and user-friendly website that showcases CTA Associates’ service diversification and their dedication to client satisfaction.

Pallet Storage Solutions

The leading player in the warehouse storage systems sector – Pallet Storage Solutions – hired our company for their online marketing to increase customer base and let the rest of the world learn about their innovations. They required a website which not just showcased their pallet storage proficiency but promoted their dedication to efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We worked with Pallet Storage Solutions to plan and build a webpage, which had all the necessary features for this industry. Taking advantage of WordPress and the Elementor plug-in, we designed a visually impressive platform focusing on their self storage service and the ease of warehouse management.



One of our clients, Blindstown, a company that leads in providing custom-made window treatments, worked with us to improve online visibility and simplify communication between clients and the company. They wanted a website that highlighted their design skills, and demonstrated their dedication to providing client-friendly window services.

Together, we developed a well-done collaborative website that used both WordPress and the Elementor plugin, the latter being primarily used to achieve the right look and feel, as well as user-friendly navigation. An integral part of our team was quality that highlighted Blindtown’s services and helped walk the customers through an easier user experience from consultation to installation.

Beyond Febcham

BFL Tapes

Brand BFL Tapes, an acknowledged leader of the tape industry, contacted us to develop a strong and reliable online platform that will display their wide variety of clothing tapes and tapes for masking. They wanted to create a website that would promote their product and expand their market reach as well as strengthen their brand presence.

BFL Tapes and our experts cooperate to ensure the development of a unique and industry specific web site. Using WordPress and Elementor Wix makes a visually exciting and easy to use site which describes what their product is about and gives the impression that they are quality-driven.